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The only bad story is a story never told....

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The Chronicles of Tiny Tim

Non Fiction

The Ghosts Of Brereton Hall

Between a rock and a grey stone wall

Gabriel now stood before a barren, scorched black land and viewed the desolation that lay before him like a scene from hell. All across the gorge of furrowed mud, trenches twisted and curled like some never ending serpent, and within these tracks of ruin, dirt covered soldiers awaited the coming of man’s terrifying rage’.

When the ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge appears to Gabriel Shivers,

he blames the stress of his job at the war office and the newspaper boys for calling out doomed headlines.  But when the spirit of the future follows up with shadows of a terrible crime against children, Gabriel must leave the loneliness and boredom of his present life,

and grasp hold of a great and extraordinary adventure.

    Following a mysterious note slipped under Gabriel’s door, and for reasons yet to be written, he must find an old gentleman who goes by the name of Tiny Tim.  A chance encounter with a young suffragette called Charlotte leads him to her eccentric and colourful  grandfather, Tiny Tim.  Gabriel must balance the pain of the coming danger with his growing loyalty to Tim and his ever awakening love for Charlotte.

     With Christmas 1914 fast approaching, the trio must hurry to unmask a malicious plot being hatched by a secret society working for German propagandists, before they can bear witness to a Christmas they will never forget.

Inter arma enim silent leges,

in times of war the law falls silent’

Oliver McKenna is seventeen years old and fighting a losing battle with unemployment, sectarianism and poverty.  The year is  1980 in Northern Ireland, and down every alleyway, behind every door and inside every poisoned mind, blind indifferences are being forged on the bloodless anvil of evil.  

Despite having straight A’s on leaving school, Oliver is refused a job on a pig farm because of his religious affiliation, a rejection that cuts deeper than he ever thought possible.  With nowhere else to turn and bluntly refusing to be treated less than human, Oliver hatches a plan to take from the rich and give to yours truly.  But Before he embarks on a journey of love and loss, of settled scores and replacing wrongs with rights, he must first reconcile with his own conscience.

The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.

Charles Dickens